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We make this beverage simply called “The Punch” when we go on trips or go tailgating adventures. It saves us money so we can hit the party running with a strong buzz and not blow our entire bank role at the concession tent or bar. Experience at this ya think? The exact ingredients are classified, but I will tell you it has some light rum, spiced rum, vodka, couple gallons of Hi-C and a small splash of everclear. We fill up one of those industrial sized Home-Depot water coolers and the party begins.

Quiet a few stories go along with the punch. A lot have to do with Key West and some I simply can’t remember for obvious reasons. I will give you the cliff notes of a couple punch drunk nights.

We load up the truck and venture over to West Palm Beach for a Dave Matthews Band concert. We consume large cups of punch and laugh our worries away. Dave was starting so we drag ourselves in to the amphitheater. During the concert one guy passes out like a corpse and I like a gentle man take care of his attractive wife by placing her on my shoulder so she can see. The things I do for people. Another friend, lets just say, met a nice lady and were getting along very well on the lawn. I think the punch cause a number of these things to happen.

Story two is my buddy passing out in this chicken tenders and ketchup and his wife waking up to what looked like a murder scene. See my previous blog for details.

The third story I’ll rant about is when two buddies and myself venture down to Key West with some homemade punch to celebrate a landmark birthday. We sip on the punch while at the hotel so that we won’t go broke in the bars buying drinks. We find our selves in a nice place and then all I remember was that I was at Hogs Breath alone. I have no idea how I got there and I lost my buddies. I literally can’t remember the walk, a total blank slate. Damn punch. I did end up having a great time at Hogs Breath and then the Green Parrot with some new friends. Of course there are a few details I have left out…can’t give away all my secrets.

I wanted to tell you a little bit of history about the punch because it will be joining us again in Key West two weeks from today. I promise to share some details of the trip and what brand of trouble we are sure to get into.

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