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That’s what I feel like every time my eyes travel through the pages of ISLANDS magazine. I’m sure you’re thinking…okay RumShop, how can a magazine give you an out of body experience? Clean the sand out of your ears and I’ll tell you.

If you and I have something in common, it will probably start with our interest in beaches, islands, blue water and entertaining rum soaked evenings. That being said, I encourage you to pick up a copy of ISLANDS and give it a read. Now when I say read it, I don’t mean glance through it and just look at the pretty pictures. That won’t give you the full effect. That would be like taking one sip of a Mojito, it will taste good but won’t make you tell that stranger next to you that his fly is down.

The writers for ISLANDS write with such an in-depth colorful passion, that they can’t help but paint a story that will have you itching to pull out that Hawaiian shirt and flip flops.

One story that I read a couple issues ago was of a man and his wife and their trip to Tahiti. They had been married for about 15 years I think and he was on the fence on weather the marriage was going to last, real emotional stuff. He had brought a special bottle of champagne with him that he had planned to use or just toss into the deep blue sea if the relationship was ship wrecked. He had hoped the islands would spark the fire they first had. It wasn’t happening like he thought it would. She seemed distant. To cut a long story short, it all came together, but you were seriously doubting it would the entire time. Just a powerful story.

If you have a passion of exploring crystal clear H2o, hiking mysterious jungle trails and partaking in local island beverages but don’t have the free time or spare pocket change it takes to jet set around the globe, then I invite you to do the next best thing. Indulge yourself with an “Out of Body” experience with ISLANDS magazine.  They have some of the best writers/story tellers and photographers in the business.

(This is not a paid testimonial for ISLANDS magazine.)
I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 years now and honestly look forward to every new issue.

Cheers to the Salt Life!

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caribbean discounts