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Do you want the world famous Painkiller recipe? Then you have come to the right place. Shake and pour over ice for a taste of the British Virgin Islands and Soggy Dollar Bar.

This is probably my favorite Caribbean drink because it’s attached the the memory of a salty day on a boat in the US Virgin Islands.  I spent a week on St. John in the US Virgin Islands back in 2007 for my buddy’s wedding.  We took a catamaran day cruise to snorkel and enjoy the water.  The amazing staff on the boat included Captn. Ron, Chutney and Lonnie who served us these drinks that we graciously enjoyed all day.  I do mean all day…I probably had 15 and was ready to tackle the world!  It was a day that will be with me forever and that drink is strongly associated with it.

That was my first introduction to the Painkiller, but wouldn’t be the last. Since then, there have been many trips to the USVI and BVI, and to Jost Van Dyke. Jost is home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, ground zero for the Painkiller.

If you are heading down to the British Virgin Islands soon or if it’s on the list, we definitely recommend a stay at beautiful White Bay Villas. Walking distance to the Soggy Dollar Bar Painkillers!

Soggy Dollar Painkiller Board

Did you know that at the Soggy Dollar Bar they have a drink board that you can buy people Painkillers for when they visit? All they have to do find their name on the board and get the drinks! It’s pretty cool. You can even order Painkillers from their website and the Soggy Dollar Radio app.

Painkiller board

Painkiller drink

Before we jump into the drink recipe, and since you love good rum drinks, check out our Castaway Cocktails Recipe eBook! It has 52 drink recipes, lot’s of island favorites and a few of my own creations.

The Painkiller Drink

If you have a craving for the islands but can’t make it to the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar, then the next best thing is to make one at home! Our Painkiller recipe comes straight from the Soggy Dollar Bar, so you know that you will be making the same original Painkiller they make in the islands. To make it even more authentic, grab a hammock here and create the perfect island escape in your own home.

The Painkiller is yellowish color which comes from its delicious island flavors which are perfect to cool down those hot Caribbean (or home!) days.

Painkiller Drink Video

How much do I love Painkillers? So much I thought I’d haul all the ingredients to a deserted island called Cayo Costa here in Southwest Florida and shoot a video!

Soggy Dollar Pain Killer Recipe:

    • 2 oz dark rum (Soggy Dollar Rum or Pusser’s Rum)
    • 1 oz cream of coconut
    • 4 oz pineapple juice
    • 1 oz orange juice
    • Nutmeg

Mixing Instructions: Add all the ingredients to mixing glass. Shake well. Pour into glass with ice. Grate fresh nutmeg over the top. Raise glass and toast.

painkiller recipe

I’ll take a few! Cheers!

Painkiller History

The spirit that most people associate with warm weather is rum. Anyone who has taken a vacation in the Caribbean will instantly flash back to sitting around the pool/beach/boat sipping on a rum libation.

Soggy dollar painkiller

A popular rum cocktail is the Painkiller which is one of those branded cocktails that wasn’t created by the rum company originally, but by Daphne Henderson who operated the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands (Thanks guys!). The original cocktail recipe is still “secret” but was reverse engineered to what we taste today, by Charles Tobias, Pusser’s modern founder.

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painkiller recipe

If you can’t be on Jost, sitting on White Bay drinking Painkillers, you might want to see the people who are. Click here to see the Soggy Dollar webcam. But let me warn you, it will give you FOMO.

Want More Caribbean Rum Drinks?

I thought you might! Click here to see our list of 52 rum drinks and how to make them. Invite some friends over and impress them with your rum skills, because each one tastes like paradise in a glass.

To make your painkillers and other Caribbean rum drinks, every good mixologist needs some good cocktail making gear. I recommend this cocktail mixing set, it has everything you need and it’s what I use at home.

Painkiller Swag

If you are a huge Painkiller fan and want to show off that fandom, then head over to the Soggy Dollar store and grab a Painkiller shirt. I have one and love it. Soggy Dollar has one of the best online stores that’s I’ve seen for a Caribbean beach bar.

Cheers to the Painkiller and taste of the Caribbean! If you are going to be making a Painkiller at home, we would love to see it. Hit us up on Instagram @CaribbeanCastaways and tag us in the photo or send us a direct message. We would love to share it with our Caribbean loving audience!



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