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Where do you begin a journey in a place as tantalizing as the Caribbean? If water sports give you the thrills and you want to let your family experience a one-of-a-kind experience vacationing in a charming villa with the most stunning view of a famous harbor, you can let the Caribbean Island of Antigua cast its spell.

From its scuba diving spots, super yachts, coral reefs and hundreds of old shipwrecks to fresh produce, vibrant cafes and warm engaging people, the premier destination is a perfect place for people who want a refuge from the daily grind. Famous singers, fashion designers and other celebrities have houses there. Once ruled by the legendary pirate Blackbeard, Antigua has metamorphosed into an idyllic getaway where people can enjoy one new adventure after another, or engage in wind surfing, jet-skiing, and deep-sea fishing, among other activities.

It comes as no surprise why travelers sneak off to this island paradise that’s known for having 365 beaches and for being a yachting heaven. Docked at the English Harbor and the natural harbor known as Falmouth Bays are yachts of all shapes and sizes. High-profile regattas and thriving dinghy schools for kids & grown-ups run by the Antigua Yacht Club add to the interesting activities.

Youngsters and adult companions expecting not just a bustling nightlife but unique gastronomic experiences won’t be disappointed. AntiguaThere are numerous great spots for dining while watching yachts – and time – slip by. One of the most historic places is Nelson’s Dockyard, which transports visitors back to the 1780s. Other sites, like Shirley Heights, where steel bands, reggae music and flavorsome barbecued food lure locals & visitors alike; and Galleon Beach can offer pleasant memories not just for families enjoying their vacation but couples honeymooning.

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