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A tattoo is powerful symbol that communicates to its owner and to its audience.  I don’t think they are something that should not be taken lightly and that a great deal of thought needs to go into them, after all its going to be apart of you forever.

My first tattoo is of my initials, “RV”and is on my right shoulder.  I got it in the great city Chicago in 2004 I believe.  It’s small and means a lot to me but last year I thought it was time for a new one.  One that symbolizes my passions and ambitions.

It took awhile for the right spark to come along to jump start the creative juices.  I finally found an image that I thought represented me in a way and now all I had to do was tweak it to make it my own.  I am a graphic designer by trade so I was able to mix and match several different ideas, styles and images together to get exactly what I wanted.  This process of mixing and matching took about 2 months.  It’s going on my body, it has to be absolutely perfect. Have I mentioned I’m a bit picky?

Here is the image that sparked the idea of what I wanted my ink to be about.  This was it.  This is what I was going to build from.  Parts of this I feel represent a lot about me. Now I just had to deconstruct this Kenny Chesney tour logo and add my personality to it.

I don’t play guitar.  So those are taking a hike.  I love Corona but rather not have a beer logo on my body forever. I like Kenny Chesney’s music and lifestyle but having another man’s name tattooed on my body makes me throw-up in my mouth.  So that is out the door in a big way as well.

What parts did I keep?  Stay tuned!

Part 2

Cheers to the Salt Life,


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