If you are just joining in on the tattoo story you can read the first the first two parts below.
Part 1
Part 2

This is the design I was at in Part 2.  Descent, but it had some problems.  It looked like legs were coming out of the pirate at the bottom and the palm trees were too…pom pom ish.

Tattoo brown waterI didn’t like the palms sitting on that little island and you can’t really tell that’s water on the bottom.  Brown water, really?  Trial and error folks.

I changed up the palm trees and got rid of that stupid little island, adios.  Can you tell that’s water below palms?  Looking at it now I really can’t.   I needed to make that blue, what do you think?

Tattoo 4 palms blu waterOkay, so now I have blue water.  I like the blue, but now I hate how the water looks in general.  It just looks….funny and not powerful enough.

Also, after looking at this design for awhile the four palm trees started looking like antennas coming out of the pirates head.  They also are a little over powering, taking attention away from the main focus, the kick ass cowboy pirate. AAARRRR MATEY!

Tattoo no wavesThings are starting to come together.  I got rid of the water all together and added some swords, this is a pirate after all.  I went back to the two palms and made them less obtrusive.  The idea was to have the swords go in underneath and come out the other side as palm trees.  I’m not sure if that whole effect gets conveyed very well, but whatever…I like it.

We are getting close but still no taco.  This design has almost all my personality in it.  It has the swaying palms, the warm sun, the cowboy hat the represents my Kansas upbringing, my love of the islands, but it’s missing something important.  My love of the water.

I needed to add the right image of waves/water to tie everything together and add that splash of color that is needed.

Stay tuned for the final chapter and the final design, and a photo of the tattoo on my buff shoulder. 🙂

Part 4

Cheers to the Salt Life,

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