So as I was crusing the web doing some research for my Painkiller post and I happen to wade up to the Soggy Dollar Bar’s site…inventor of the Painkiller/best beach bar in the world.

While there something mind blowing caught my eye, something so powerful it shook the very bar stool I was in. What could it be? Thanks for asking, Ill tell you. It was a free membership to the soggy dollar bar’s PainKiller Club!

Ok, not an extremely earth moving find but I’m easily amused and thought it was cool, so I joined.

The benefits to this exclusive club are many.

  • Exclusive access through the VIP door
  • Free use of any unoccupied hammock (occupied hammocks available at your own risk)
  • A 10% discount from the Soggy Dollar Boutique at
  • Free use of tanning facilities and unlimited sand
  • An irregularly published newsletter on all the Soggy Dollar fun
  • Anything you can get away with by showing this card to any bartender in the world.  Good luck with that one.

So next time you are sailing around the BVI or happen to find yourself on the Soggy Dollar bar’s website staring at the webcam like a stalk be sure to take the time to become a member of the PainKiller club.  Even if you never use it, it’s still an exclusive club.

Cheers to the Salt Life,