On Part 3 of the Tattoo Story we were almost done, just needed to add some waves back in to the design to add a splash of color and because it’s one of my passions.  Love me some ocean.

Here is the design with the final waves.

By this time I was getting pretty excited because it’s almost done.  I loved the waves but they need to be pulled in just a little bit.  I wasn’t a fan of how far out they were.

So here here are is the design with them moved it.

This is the final design!  What do you think?!

The design says a lot about it’s owner. I love of the sun, ocean and tropics.  It has the cowboy had that represents my country up bringing in the great state of Kansas.  The pirate skull is just cool and I guess represents my rebellious side.  My mother can attest to that.  It has the symbol of the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, one of my favorite places on this rock we call Earth.  Then the Hawaiian lei…really what pirate tattoo is complete without a lei?

Here is it is on RumShopRyan.



Do you have any tropical tattoos?  Please share!

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Cheers to the Salt Life,

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