I’m sitting here doing some research on the exotic island of Dominica, drinking a Corona Light and something struck me as odd. Why is my Corona Light can shaped like a Virgina Slim cigarette?  Which means the can is tall and skinny, like a Michelob Ultra can.  Are they marketing these beers to women like they did with the cigarettes?  Am I drinking a girl beer?

I’m a secure man and would drink a beer in a pink can if it tasted good, but I’m just not a fan of these cans.  For one they don’t fit inside my Margaritaville can cozies.  Secondly my hands are to big for the can.  I have to pick it up all sensitive like in my finger tips.  Not a fan.  I guess I should quit bitching and just buy bottles next time.

Dear Corona,  Please give us normal sized cans.  Tall, skinny cans are not cool.  They are not practical.  They bring insults from our Bud Light drinking friends. (I need new friends)

Anyone else with me on this?

Cheers to the Salt Life,

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