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Here is a nice little article I found on Dominica, the nature island.  I have been doing a lot of reading on this rugged rock, located in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.  It has captured my imagination.  Here are 10 “must do” things when visiting Dominica.  I hope it captures yours as well.


Dominica is a country that is also known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. It has a vast variety of floras and faunas that are protected by its natural park system. There are also a lot of places and a lot of things to do here in Dominica, among them are these ten things one should do when in Dominica.

Dominica's Famouse Boiling Lake

1.) Visit the Boiling Lake

This is a wonderful tourist destination that you should visit when you are in Dominica. You will definitely enjoy the sight of this great lake as it boils because of the heat coming from the volcanic vent. If you are a novice when it comes to hiking, then you will definitely need a guide to tour you around the lake because of the rough terrain.

2.) Hike the Glassy

This is a hike that will take about two to three days to be finished. During this hike, you will be going through farmland then you will pass through a deep jungle before you reach the coast and the cliffs. The hike only ends when you reach the point where the old volcanic flow meets the ocean, and here, you have to take care because there are big waves that are known to sweep people away and smash them against the rocks.

3.) Do the Jaco Steps

It is not really clear why the Jaco Steps where built, but it is a good walk nonetheless. This will give you a good hike and exercise. Plus, you will also get to appreciate the wonderful scenery Dominica has to offer.

Dominica's Emerald Pool

4.) Visit the Emerald Pool

A little cold for a swimmer’s taste, but Emerald Pool is still a grand place to visit. There is a short walk before you reach this little grotto. But the short walk is worth it as you are greeted by a magical sight.

5.) See the Boeri Lake

Nature lover or not, nobody can resist the raw beauty of Boeri Lake, which is a crater lake. As you hike the trail going to Boeri Lake, you will see magnificent views of the Atlantic coast. You are also going to go through a montane forest, a forest with a vast abundance of tree ferns and cabbage palm.

Dominica Titou Gorge

6.) Swim in the Titou Gorge

Before you start your hike towards the Boiling Lake, you will encounter this small waterfall. This is a perfect place for you to swim in and is a famous tourist spot. It can also be the perfect finale for your Boiling Lake hike as there is also a small hot spring nearby.

7.) Visit the Morne Trois Pitons National Park

This national park is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will get to see a myriad of floras and faunas native to Dominica here. The many attractive locations it offers are enough to make anybody fall in love with the magical place.
8.) Enjoy Trafalgar Falls

About half an hour drive from Roseau is this popular twin waterfalls. You do not need to have a guide to reach these twin falls as you can easily reach it. This is a famous tourist spot where they can take a swim in the smaller waterfalls or, if they find it, take a refreshing and relaxing swim in the taller waterfalls’ hot spring.

9.) Go diving in Cabrits Marine Reserve

Dominica is also known as a famous scuba diving destination. Here, you will see a wide variety of marine animals. But they are very strict in their rule of no touching the animals.

10.) Visit Scott’s Head

This is a wonderful village that offers a great scuba diving experience in the bay. You can also go snorkeling here. You will see here bountiful sea creatures that live in its corals.

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Let me know if you have visited Dominica and what adventures it brought you.

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