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By Wain Roy

It’s never flashed on your television screen, it’s never been talked about on the radio, then what’s the buzz surrounding the Caribbean Isles? In the heart of the Caribbean, lies a precious jewel- a jewel on the second largest barrier reef system in the world! Roatan, the most mesmerizing island of the Caribbean, is now in the news for its prospect as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

The beauty of this island is simply breathtaking. Part of the Honduras’ Bay Islands, it’s lined by coconut trees on the shore, the turquoise waters beckon you to relax on the beach side. What is most striking is the placid calm of the surroundings. You experience an altogether different world with no hustle and bustle, no pollution, no crowd, and no local hagglers.

So what does one do in Roatán? There are plenty of things to ask for. Whatever you indulge yourself in, you cannot help getting close to Nature and be at peace with her. This is the magic of Roatán, the charm of Nature to woo your senses. And if you happen to be a true admirer of nature, then Roatán is the ideal place to be. The place offers a number of nature parks with flora and fauna in their complete bounty. A walk through the lush green rain forest of Roatan will make way for an encounter with wild parrots, and monkeys.

The Gumbalimba Park, a nature park in West End, gives you a taste of the Caribbean paradise. Apart from the hanging bridge and activities such as scuba-diving, snorkeling, or boating, one can watch birds of multiple species including two different species of Macaws and several species of parrots.

The Roatán Butterfly Garden at the West End is another favorite hunt for nature lovers. Tropical butterflies native to Honduras make an extremely beautiful appearance amidst a range of tropical trees like cashew, hog, plum, breadfruit etc.

Apart from the Roatán nature park, there is another great way to discover what the Bay Islands have on offer. An excellent way to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun is putting bait into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Roatán fishing trips offer both trolling and bottom fishing. Barracuda and Tuna are present throughout the year while Wahoo and Dorado can be found from September to February.

Roatán thus has everything that a tourist can wish for. And the greatest advantage being its absence of haggling crowd. Lying within the confines of the Caribbean, Roatán has long been shielded from the world outside. Beauty cannot be hidden eternally and so has Caribbean’s beauty secret been revealed. Shshsh…

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