I’ve lived in Bonita Springs, Florida for over 6 years now.  Bonita has a fantastic beach.  It’s white sand beaches are clean and the calm Gulf of Mexico is picture perfect.  The small island that is Bonita Beach is called Little Hickory Island.  It’s doesn’t have any mega resorts or high-rise condo buildings.  It’s lined with a mix of small beach cottages and some larger mansions.  That’s a big reason why I love this side of Florida.  We don’t have all the sun blocking, beach hogging hotels to jam everything up.  Bonita is a laid back coastal community and that’s the way I like it.

Beach homes here tend to show a lot of personality.  They show it with color, size, landscaping and mailboxes.  Yes, mailboxes.  It seems like Bonita Beach and Ft. Myers beach (just 5 minutes up the road) like to show their island love by showcasing clever mailbox styles.  As you drive down the coconut palm lined Estero Blvd. you can’t help but smile and the unique styles and the creativity in some of their designs.

I’ve taken pictures of the best ones and posted them here.  Tell me what your favorite is.  Do you have a better one?  Send me a photo and I’ll post it and add it to the collection.

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