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In 1940, clairvoyant (a person with abnormal power of seeing in the mind what is happening or what exists a distance) Edgar Cayce predicted that the lost continent of Atlantis would start to rise again in the vicinity of The Bahamas in 1968 or 1969. Since then, 37 years have passed and many major events have happened, such as The Great Britain granted The Bahamas internal self-rule in 1964, Huber Ingraham became prime minister in 1992, and Perry Gladstone Christie elected prime minister in the 2002 general election. The lost continent of Atlantis, however, has still not been found.

Bimini, a tiny grouping of islands, was located some 50 miles off the coast of Florida (USA). The Caribbean Indians said that that this group of islands gush magical waters called the ‘fountain of eternal youth’. It was told that someone drank the water from this fountain and was cured of all his illnesses as well as able to retain his youth. Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer, was intrigued by this legend and thus, he set out to find Bimini in 1512. He set sail from Puerto Rico, missed Bimini and landed on Florida.

The mystery surrounding Bimini did not end with legend of the mystical fountain. In 1968, aircraft pilots reported that glimpses of wall or building foundations were seen in the water of the north island of Bimini. The discovery stirred worldwide interest and further investigation was held. The results of the investigation revealed that the foundations look more like roadways rather than walls. According to experts, a more satisfying answer would be that this strange phenomenon is entirely due to natural formations. Till this day, it is still a mystery as to whether the roadways really belong to the lost continent of Atlantis or exist due to natural formations.

Casting all the legends, myths and mystical tales aside, Bimini is indeed a wonderful place to visit. It is one of the best places known for game fishing, diving and snorkeling. The offshore reefs, which are located 3 miles off the island, attract millions of colorful fishes. Snorkelers are able to enjoy seeing black coral gardens and blue holes. Perhaps, they may also see the infamous roadways of the lost Atlantis on the sea floor! Divers can explore the wrecked motorized yacht which sank in the shallow waters of the coast in 1929. Apart from these wonderful explorations, other places of interest you can visit include the Healing Hole, the Shark Mounds, the Fountain of Youth and the Devils Triangle.

Albert Einstein once said, ‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious’. Indeed, it would be a wonderful experience to visit a fascinating place, like the Bimini, The Bahamas, with such intriguing and mystifying tales. It is worth taking the chance to explore this mysterious place as well as enjoy the vast variety of activities it offers

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