St. John (USVI) is on my short list of places I consider heaven on Earth. It has a small population, most of the island is a national park, its north shore beaches are an assault on your senses and you get lost in its slow pace of life. What’s not to love.

The majority of people coming to visit St. John do so via ferry boat and land on the dock in Cruz Bay. For me the dock is bitter sweet. It is the spot of pure excitement because the realization that you have finally landed on this great island comes to life. So many adventures await, and you can’t wait to dig your teeth in. Then on the flip side, it’s also the place you say good-bye to your island mistress. You sit in the ferry terminal silently, taking in the last bits of Cruz Bay, it’s sites, it’s smells, it’s activity. Then you stare at the emerald gem as it grows smaller as your ferry drags you across Pillsbury Sound to St. Thomas.

St. John Spice is a store located right at the end of the dock. They have been good enough to put up the now famous St. John Spice Webcam. Island lovers can now watch the happenings of the ferry dock 24/7. I have to log on every once awhile to get my St. John fix. It raises the heart beat and ideas of travel start flooding the mind.


Click here for St. John Spice Cam




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