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The Massacoustics is a two man band that is well known in Key West and the Florida Keys.  My buddy heard them on RadioMargaritaville and turned me on to their CD, Livin’ the Dream. I’ve started listening to them more and more as of late and am really getting in their sound.  They have a unique sound that’s addictive.  Not so much islandy, just a good vibe.  Is islandy even a word?

They frequent the legendary Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West and have earned a strange reputation.  Yes they play good music but many call them crazy, other say eccentric.  Here is a quote from what Scott Kirby said about them.  (Scott Kirby is a great Florida Keys artist)

“I first met Matt and Andy years ago, when they were just teenagers opening for the Schmenge Brothers in Worcester Massachusetts. I immediately recognized their talent but also realized they were a bit eccentric. They both had this odd habit of staring at your ears while engaged in conversation with you. I noticed it when they were talking to other people as well, particularly attractive girls. We become reacquainted years later when they started playing at The Hogs Breath in Key West. They often stayed with us and I noticed they would get up very early and go out for long runs through the lower keys, sometimes not returning for 4 or 5 hours. It was strange because they never had a drop of sweat on them but always returned with a mesh sack full of various sea shells. They would lay them out our on deck to dry, popping in and out of their room every 10 minutes or so all day long to check on them. It was maddening! My wife then noticed that almost all the shells had a strange resemblance to the human ear. What’s up with that?”

Some of my favorite songs are “Battleship Chains”, “Ramona” and “Soundtrack of Summer”.  Below is The Massacoustics live at Hogs Breath singing, Soundtrack of Summer.  If you like it buy the album!  It rocks!

Enjoy. Over and out from some where south,

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