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We are finally to our last island stop on the ABC island checklist, Curacao. I don’t know bout you but I’m ready to explore this island and move on to another exciting place.  I’ll find an island webcam for Curacao then we’ll be done.

Here’s a little article that I found that might help if you are wanting  get away from the capital city of Willemstad. Cheers!


While Curacao’s capital city – Willemstad – is home to a wide variety of sights and activities, the island’s unspoiled interior and coastlines offer adventurous tourists a chance to experience some of the Caribbean’s best natural destinations. As many of the most unique sights in Curacao aren’t easily accessible by shuttle or taxi, jeep and dune buggy rental services have sprung up to provide everyone both access to the hardest-to-reach sites and a fun way to cruise around the island. Those that want to explore everything Curacao has to offer at their own pace can take advantage of convenient rental services that offer hotel pick-up and affordable daily rates, while tourists that enjoy experiencing destinations alongside knowledgeable guides will find numerous dune buggy and jeep tours that visit many of the island’s overlooked sights each day.

Dune buggy rentals offer one of the best ways to get around Curacao and see some of the island’s lesser-explored sights. The full-size dune buggies available for rental in Curacao are capable of traveling on the island’s main coastal roads at speeds up to 50 miles-per-hour or traversing many of the unpaved inroads and scenic beach paths. When renting a open-framed dune buggy in Curacao, travelers are able to explore island at their own pace while enjoying the exceptional year-round weather. While travelers can also find car and scooter rentals in Curacao, dune buggies might offer the most exciting way to get around the island and explore destinations outside of Willemstad.

Those that want to experience Curacao with a knowledgeable guide can take advantage of dune buggy tours that visit most of the island’s top off-road destinations. Many of the local tour and rental shops offer half-day and full-day tours that include many side activities. Most of the available tours focus on specific areas of the island, such as the rocky eastern shore or the relaxing beaches of the southwestern coast and the Willemstad area. However, regardless of where each tour visits, there will be plenty of sightseeing and outdoor recreation opportunities along the way. Every day in Curacao, guides lead dune buggy groups on activities such as explorations of shoreline caves, snorkeling trips in hidden coves and hikes through the interior mountains of Christoffel National Park and the dramatic coastal scenery of Shete Boka National Park. After experiencing some of Curacao’s most unique natural sights, dune buggy tours often visit some of the quiet beaches on the northern and eastern shores of the island. Most of Curacao’s dune buggy tours allow passengers over the age of four, while drivers are required to be 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

Curacao caveAdventurous travelers looking for a more challenging off-road experience can explore the island’s natural areas with jeep rentals or as participants in daily jeep tours. Curacao is home to a number of rugged scenic roads that are best explored with full-sized 4×4 vehicles. Traveling through a landscape dominated by cacti and the island’s famous divi-divi trees, tour participants or those renting jeeps will be able be fully experience a side of Curacao that few tourists have an opportunity to witness. Curacao’s best jeep rental and tour operators offer full safety briefings, as well as daily hotel pickup and drop-off.

Rentals and tour options for all types of off-road vehicles can be found throughout Willemstad and near the major resorts. However, rentals, tours and all other adventurous activities can also be arranged through your concierge. If you are traveling in a large group or have special travel needs, your concierge can also make reservations for guided tours and extended rentals before you arrive in Curacao.

If you are hoping to visit some of the Caribbean’s best natural sights when in Curacao, dune buggies and jeeps provide the most effective ways to explore the island. With so many half-day and full-day tours available, as well as extended dune buggy and jeep rentals, families or groups of any size won’t have any trouble finding a fun, adventurous way to get around the island.

Justin Burch writes articles about travel in Curacao for the Marriott Resorts.

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