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Perched at the northern reaches of the Virgin Islands chain, Anegada is the northeastern most and the one of the largest in land area of the British Virgin Islands and could easily be called an overgrown sandbar. Unlike the rest of the British Virgin Islands volcanic geologic structure however, it’s actually a coral and limestone outcropping. At most 28 feet above the water it’s not a terribly exciting destination for lets say, a mountain climber. But for sailors, beachgoers and those seeking a little peace and quite it’s just the ticket.


With a point southeast of Loblolly Bay as the central northernmost point, the Island arcs gently northwest and southwest respectively and is protected from the Atlantic surf by the Horseshoe reef just offshore that has proven so deadly to hundreds of seafaring vessels. Due to it’s prominence of position to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Anegada has experienced roughly 37 hurricanes and tropical storms in the last 100 years which may explain more than a few of the wrecks that abound along the reef. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most lucrative pastimes of the islands inhabitants in the previous centuries was liberating the wrecks of their contents whenever possible.

The swirling tides and waters of the assailing Atlantic Ocean have deposited material to the south and west of the islands providing shallows and flats for snorkeling fun as well as fishing for the elusive Permit and Bonefish. For the reef’s protection, boats cannot anchor on the reef but snorkeling and diving opportunities abound nonetheless. It’s natural to assume that there’s not much to do here and that’s exactly the point. This is the place to go that epitomizes the phrase “get away from it all” because that’s exactly what you will be doing when you sink your feet into the white sands of Loblolly Bay or Cow Wreck beach and spend the day enjoying peaceful solitude. The population here is around 200 plus permanent residents but can swell to a whopping 500 or so during the high season as intrepid adventurers travel from the neighboring islands for a day of exploration.

AnegadaThe British Virgin Islands has limited development on the island and has established a designated bird sanctuary which houses among the ponds, mudflats and mangrove swamps, a Flamingo colony as well as myriad’s of other bird species including Herons,Terns, Ospreys and numerous other seagoing types of birds. Anegada also host thousands of wild Cattle, Goats and Donkeys that are readily seen by hikers around the isle. Getting here is by ferry, private boat or prop plane from Tortola as there are no direct flights from the United States or Europe proper but it’s a relatively inexpensive connection and well worth it. While here you can rent a jeep to explore the island to get around or simply use a taxi if you’re here for a limited time or don’t expect to do much traveling.

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caribbean discounts