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The Baths represent the stellar natural attraction of the British Virgin Islands, with exotic pools and grottos formed by giant boulders strewn across sand beaches.

Explorers will revel in the hidden rooms with shafts of light, snorkelers in the coral ledges and caves, sunbathers/ swimmers in the white sand beaches adding to the sparkling clarity of the water. Be careful of the surge when the north swell is running but enjoy the crashing surf on the boulders!

There are two ways to reach The Baths, one is by boat, with a short dingy ride or swim from one of the National Parks provided moorings, which are located right in front of The Baths. The alternate route to The Baths is from Spanish Town; by a ten-minute taxi ride which will leave you at the entrance to the National Parks trail from the Top of The Baths where a minimal fee is collected to visit The Baths. The trail is about a fifteen-minute hike to the beach and caution should be taken to watch your footing as you traverse the trail.

Once on the beach by either sea or land, you will be amazed at the size of the boulders and the natural setting that they are in. Hours upon hours can be spent traversing over and under the mammoth boulders on set trails with wooden walkways and ropes set along the way to make your tour easier and safer. Don’t forget your camera with a flash as a great part of the trail winds around inside the boulders. Beware of stepping on areas of the boulders that fringe the tide pools that have a black moss on them, as it is extremely slippery!

Whether you enter The Baths area via the water or land trail, the “Poor Man’s Bar and Grill” is a good place to have a cool drink or a beach side lunch. At the beginning of the trail down into The Baths is also a great place called “Top of The Baths,” to have lunch with views overlooking The Baths and a refreshing freshwater pool. A stones throw from there is “Mad Dog,” that serves up tasty tropical drinks as you wait for your taxi back to Spanish Town.

Let me know if you’ve explored The Baths and what you thought.

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