As my jeep rounded the cliff on North Shore Road the Sir Francis Drake channel advertised itself to my virgin eyes for the first time and the two instantly fell in love. This Kansas native could barely take it all in without driving off the road. Pinching myself didn’t seem like such a cliché.

Has this happened to you? Have you had that moment that sparked a life change? The question is what did you do about it, let it pass as fantasy or grab it with two hands and make it reality?

They are two types of people in this world. Nesters and Explorers.

Nesters like to nest. They most likely live in the same town they grew up in. They’re creatures of habit and fear change. They devour fiction books that take their minds to far off places. They are happy and content and make up the majority of the population. There’s nothing wrong with this type of person, the world doesn’t work without them.


Explorers were born to explore. They open our eyes to new frontiers. They dare us follow and embrace change. They devour the biographies, maps and science books. They through caution to the wind and push forward with others say stop. A lot fail, some succeed. The world needs this type of person as well. Can you imagine where we would be without them? No America. No space program. No leaving the cradle of civilization. They are risk takers, but that is a prerequisite of being an explorer.

The million dollar question is what type of person are you? Do you dream about exploring your passion or have you done it? Have you thrown caution to the wind and done something that was totally crazy to others, but to you it was just following your heart? If so, you might have some explorer in your blood. If you’re readying this then you probably have a passion for living in the Caribbean and have thoughts of staking out a piece of tropics to call your own. Sound like sweet heaven to this pirate.

I’m in love with the islands. I love the culture and lifestyle. The laid back people are as friendly as a smile and the ocean is as blue as the sky. There is an island to fit any personality. It’s a magical place. El Carib seduces many to its shores; the question is which rock you will claim a slice of. Do I have your explorer juices boiling yet, I hope so.

Caribbean Villa

Your Caribbean View

Do you have a love affair with the Caribbean? Are you an explorer? Don’t be scared to make that life changing step. I’ve done it, so can you. Most people that take their vacations to the Caribbean, stay in scenic villas and luxury resorts and live the island lifestyle for a split second. The one thing they all have in common is they all day dream about not leaving. They want the fantasy but they hopelessly fall back into the routine. Island life remains a dream and they return to the safe nest.

Others will drive their rented jeeps around a nameless bend in the road and be smacked in the face with a view that is so mesmerizing that they too, will have that epiphany moment which changes their lives forever. They’ll decide to put a choke hold on the island fantasy and set ideas into motion. They want a slice of the paradise pie to call their own.

Are you that person? Are you an explorer? You can be. It’s not that hard if you set goals and laugh in the face of naysayers. That’s what it takes wake up every morning with the trade winds blowing through your home and the envious attitude of nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Go ahead, pinch yourself… to hell with the cliché.


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