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Man, we went out last night.

No I didn’t see any girls from Argentina or Arkansas, Maine, Alabama or Panama. What I did see was a movie theater filled with people singing, moving in their seats and clapping. Yes, I was one of them.

Last night I went to see the Kenny Chesney’s Summer in 3D movie and had a blast. I have been a Chesney fan for quite awhile and have been to a concert or 8, so I was excited to see him up close and feel the energy. I wanted energy, and energy is what people got. The movie hits you just like one of his concerts does. He transitions into upbeat song after upbeats song, no breaks. It exhausts me just watching him and his band perform like they do.


I was a little down on the whole 3D aspect of the movie to start off with. I didn’t want to wear glasses for almost 2 hours and have things try to come out of the screen at me when I would be perfectly happy just watching a high def crystal clear normal picture. I skipped on the 3D Avatar flick and enjoyed the 2D just fine. Since I didn’t have that option, I wore the geeky glasses and hoped for the best.

3D rocks! I think I high-fived Kenny and hit a couple beach balls back into the crowd. The new digital way they do the 3D really makes it seem as if the action is going to hit you square in the face. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

The best part about the movie was the fact that it literally puts you in the front row. It puts you on the stage with the band. It puts you in the middle of a sold out stadium with 65,000 other people that all have something in common with you. What’s the commonality? The music speaks to their soul. Their lives are reflected in the lyrics. Goosebumps? Yeah, that happened a time or two.

Chesney Movie

Bartender, Mix rum and whatever.

I had never been in a movie theater where everyone was singing and clapping before. It was amazing, yet a little odd at first. Kenny began singing the kick ass songs we all love and you can’t help but want to sing along. The fact that you’re in a theater and that it has been drilled into your head to be quiet while watching a movie makes you a little uncomfortable in the beginning. But as soon as you hear others start to sing, “It’s two bare feet on the dashboard, young love in an old ford. Cheap shades and a tattoo and Yoo-hoo bottle on the floorboard. Perfect song on the radio, sing along cause it’s one we know. It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, a sip of wine, it’s summer time. Sweet summer time.” …You can’t help but belt it out yourself. I did.

The movie showed several sides of Chesney. It showed his ambition. It showed his island life. It showed his beginnings. It showed his emotion. I’m not going to give away the end, but if you were at the Indianapolis show last year (2009) you’re going to know what I’m talking about. Goosebumps.

If you want to get an up close introduction to the tour that has out sold every other artist, other than Prince, for the last couple years, this is your chance to get within arms length of the locomotive known as the Kenny Chesney experience.

Let me know what you think once you’ve seen it. I’m eager to get your take.

Over and out from somewhere south,

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caribbean discounts