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No way! A special box came via postman today and it’s contents hale from one of the most famous bars in the world.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a boating paradise. Bouncing all over this tropical wonderland can massage all the worries of the world away. But if you’re looking for a little entertainment, the world famous Basil’s Bar is an absolute must.

Located on the island of Mustique, you’re just as likely to run into a celebrity as you are a beach bum at this watering hole. Basil’s welcomes sailors, business tycoons, film, fashion and rock stars, and Caribbean islands holidaymakers. It is said that Basil’s Bar is a equalizer of people from all walks of life and it’s mantra is to “live for the moment”. My kind of place.

Now back to the box. Tiffany Dowd, a.k.a. @LuxeTiffany on twitter, surprised me with a kick ass visor from the world famous Basil’s Bar. How cool is she? I think this puts her right behind my mother and girlfriend on the awesome list. If you would like to join this list please feel free to send me any island shwag and you will be ranked accordingly.

Basil's Bar

Basil's Bar, Mustique

Tiffany might just have one of the best jobs in the world as a hotel inspector in North America & Caribbean and she has a passion for luxury travel. She has a great site called Tiffany Travels where she documents her adventures.

Tiffany, again thank you very much. It was a great surprise. Cheers!


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