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I was graciously invited to the 2nd annual Rum Renaissance Festival this past Saturday and lived to tell the tale. The Celebration of this versatile spirit took place on Miami Beach at the Raleigh South Beach Resort. Miami Beach is known for bringing the heat, and on this day it was literally a blaze. Dennis Rodman even stumbled his way through the party. Not surprising in the least.


I want to start off by thanking Michael Streeter from for the tickets and introducing me to some amazing rum connoisseurs from around the world. I had a great time.

The Festival

The festival featured about 140 different rums from around the world. Don’t think all rum is Caribbean rum, other parts of the world are creating some top shelf rums that need to be showed off. Here is a link to the Miami New Times with more photos of the event.

The most distant brands making themselves known were Rhum St. Aubin from Mauritius in the southern Indian Ocean and Seven Tiki Rum from Fiji in the south Pacific. I was really impressed with the variety. I’m the first one to admit I’m no rum expert, so I’m not going to act like one. I will tell you I sampled around 20 or so brands and some stood out and had me going back to their tent for a second sip.

Those that had me crawling back  were Cruzan, Pusser’s, Bacardi, Plantation and Gosling’s Black Seal. I’m sure I’m missing some greats but it was in the upper 90’s and I was drinking rum so forgive me if I can’t recall them all.  That’s what next year is for!


I tasted several different cocktails throughout the afternoon and after each one the smile on my face kept getting bigger. Can you guess what I had to try first…that’s right the famous PainKiller from the Pusser’s tent (thanks for the hat!).

Sure, I'll have another.

I then moved down the line and grabbed a Planters Punch from the beautiful Cruzan girls (thanks for the hat!).

Up next was Bermuda’s favorite, the Rum Swizzle. I loved this one! I learned about the Rum Swizzle from the great Bermuda Shorts Blog, check it out.

Next up was my girl friend’s favorite. A rum and coke made with Bacardi toasted cherry. She also raved about the Barritts Ginger Beer.

Then it was back to the Cruzan tent for a RumRunner! The perfect way to end a fantastic day.

Rum Websites

If you are looking for all things rum, here are some great websites.

If I missed any rum blogs or sites please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add you to this list.

Seven Tiki Rum Girls and a Lucky Pirate

Already looking forward to next year’s Rum Renaissance Festival.


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