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Have you had a chance to get your hands on the new Jimmy Buffett Encores album? If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest it. The new live acoustic album will be comprised of the intimate final encore songs from concerts, many solo, and some with band members or special guests during the 2008 & 2009 tours.

“Encores” boasts 22 tracks and was recorded in different cities in the US as well as Paris during Buffett’s 2008-09 tour. The album is comprised entirely of the encores Buffett played at the end of each concert.
Jimmy Buffett - Encores

Jimmy says,

“‘Encores’ is a collection of well known and not so well known songs that I think provide a happy ending to a musical meal … and dessert has always been my favorite,” Buffett wrote in the album’s accompanying liner notes. “I had this idea that we should offer a little more in the way of dessert than we had done in previous years. This collection of ‘lasts’ is a first in a way. In putting it together, my original thought was to just make a collection of these moments. Once assembled and listened to as a set, it came to me, that it is probably the longest encore in history; but in these difficult days in difficult times, maybe a whole bunch of happy endings is really not a bad thing.”

Track Listings

Disc 1 (of 2)
1. Come Monday
2. Tin Cup Chalice
3. Growing Older But Not Up
4. Coast Of Carolina
5. Paradise
6. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
7. Nautical Wheelers
8. Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season
9. Banana Republics
10. He Went To Paris
11. Last Mango In Paris

Disc 2 (of 2)
1. L’air De La Louisiane
2. Reggaebilly Hill
3. Coast Of Marseilles
4. Lovely Cruise
5. Oysters And Pearls
6. Wildflowers
7. Defying Gravity
8. Big Old Goofy World
9. Death Of An Unpopular Poet
10. Blowin’ In The Wind
11. A Pirate Looks At Forty

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caribbean discounts