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Today is America’s birthday day. Today is a day for fireworks and celebration. I could ramble on with lesser known 4th of July facts like…

How most folks think the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Congress on July 4th when the reality is that most of the delegates didn’t sign it until August 2nd and the British government didn’t even find out about it until August 30th.

Or how the Second Continental Congress actually voted to approve the “resolution for independence” on July 2nd but due to the nature of any Congress, the wording of the declaration was debated, again revised and couldn’t be rolled out for another two days.

Or how the handwritten and signed copy of the declaration (the one we all recognize) is not Jefferson’s handwriting but that of Timothy Matlack.

. . . But I’m not gonna do that. I think, instead, I’ll just lay back in the hammock and relax with a Mexican cerveza, good friends and some all America messy BBQ.

Have a great 4th of July Castaways!


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caribbean discounts