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What many will consider the most striking beaches of Puerto Rico-with the exception of Coco Beach-are not actually part of its mainland. Instead, they can be found on islands off the coast. What is often the case with these beaches is that instead of overcrowding and gimmicky tourism ploy, what you get, instead, is a scarcely populated beach that paints a traditional, tropical paradise.

Topping the list is a beach unlike any other in Puerto Rico. It’s ecosystem is seemingly unrivaled, and there are no hotels to spoil your line of sight. Mona Island is often referred to as the Galapagos Island of the Caribbean, and like the Galapagos, some of the more bizarre species of animals call it home, roaming its land and waters, openly. As a result, the island is closed to tourists during hunting season (January – April).

To add to exclusivity, tours to the island are only offered from May through November and to visit the island, you’ll need permits from the Natural Resources and Environmental Department.

Coco Beach is not quite as elusive as Mona Island, but it does share some similar qualities. It offers lingering stretches of virginal beach and colorful contrast between greenery, sand, and vibrant blue ocean. On the beach, however, are as casual scatter of chic resorts; Gran Melia Puerto Rico and Coco Beach Golf and Country Club, just to name a few.

Shacks Beach, also known as Bajuras, of Isabela Island is known for spectacular waters that facilitate the best snorkeling, surfing, and windsurfing in Puerto Rico. What many notice are the sleepy coconut palms that line the beach and offer ideal conditions for napping or relaxing.

Another deserted beach still absent of hotels (we think), is the Northeast Corridor of Luquillo. The island is not as exclusive as Mona and still offers an impressive amount of exotic wildlife and lush vegetation.

What is particularly appealing about the beaches of Puerto Rico is that, save a few of the overdeveloped areas, most of them are incredibly secluded. They project a sensation of unaware onto their visitors. It is a feeling of isolation that is strangely comforting and familiar.

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