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Zero day had finally arrived and it was time for the beach party to begin. The island of Margaritaville and about 35,000 parrotheads were ready for the show.

We headed down to Gulf Shores after the World Cup final to do a little tailgate. After pounding some pre-show adult beverages we walked through the gates and took in the sea of humanity packed together on the white sand, soaking in the warm sunshine. It’s show time!

We walked through the beach to lay claim to a plot of sand but quickly found out it was a pain in the ass to walk around everyone with beach towels down. Then all the bathroom were in the back. It’s important to be close to bathrooms when you have an acorn size bladder.

So we post up next to the beer stand and bathrooms and take in the joy that is a Jimmy Buffett concert. Here are several video snippets from the show.

“I will play for gumbo”

“It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere”

Watch to the end and you will see these ladies tell me I talk funny and ask if I’m a yankee. Sorry but your the one that talks funny lady! Cheers!

“Bama Breeze”

“Where the boat leaves from”

Buffett covering Zac Brown Band’s “Where the boat leaves from”

“Back Where I Come From”

Buffett and McAnally sing “Back Where I Come From” which Kenny Chesney recorded and Mac McAnally wrote.


Here are a couple fun loving Buffett lovers taking in the magic.

Landshark Tattoo

The show was awesome and accomplished what it set out to do. It brought thousands of people to the Gulf Shores area and helped the tourism industry that has been devastated by the oil spill.

You can read about day one on Gulf Shores here.



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caribbean discounts