Whale Wars? The next thing she heard was him screaming “Oh, sh**!”

Here is a crazy story I wanted to share about a couple that was taking a causal sail off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.  They were minding their own business watching this juvenile Right Whale do some tale slapping about 300 feet away. Sounds like an amazing experience right?

Amazing soon turned into terror when the whale decided to breach on top of the boat.

“Then I just saw this huge whale crash onto our yacht,” she said.
Mothes took cover behind the steering wheel, and Werner was safe underneath the coach house. Tourists sailing nearby snapped photos of the ordeal.

Shocked, but not injured, the couple began looking around for damage as the whale splashed away. Luckily, the yacht was steel, so it was strong enough to withstand the whale’s impact. Only the mast and rigging were damaged.

You can read the whole story here on ABC News.

The above photo was taken by a tourist watching the whale. Great shot!

Here are a few more photos of the wrecked boat.

Whale landing on boat

Whale watching



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