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Beautiful water and friendly wildlife calling your name? Then pull up those board shorts and tie those bikinis tight because we are going to Grand Cayman. Sorry my Speedo wearing European friends, those things scare people here in the states.

Today’s post comes from guest writer Tammy Manduca. Let her know how you like the story in the comments. Now lets go swimming!

The Softness of the Rays

The Rays that inhabit this area are docile creatures that are use to humans.  People have been visiting this area, feeding and swimming with the Stingrays for many years.  The stories that are out and about have different time frames and persons that were the firsts, but all that really matters is – it is an experience you do NOT want to miss!

Standing in 3 – 5 feet of water, in the center of the famed Stingray City, you can experience the softness of the Rays!  These Stingrays will swarm you and brush up against you as you swim and feed them. Their touch will feel airy and light and when you reach out to touch them – their softness will astound you.

There are plenty of different tour companies that are available for tours and I would suggest or to find the one that might be right for you. These tour companies will teach you about these Southern Stingrays and how to pet them, walk around them, they like to hide under the sand – shuffle your feet so as not to harm them and how to feed them, palms out.  It truly is an exciting, heart rushing, enjoyable experience.

One last note, each time we’ve visited, we have been told that, “this is part of a Federal Reserve and you can not even take the sand beneath your nails home with you.”  This is in part; true. Cayman waters are protected waters.  Know the laws and respect the animals and there will be many many more years of visiting the Stingrays @ Stingray City!

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