Situated on the north side of the Dominican Republic along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is Cabarete. Made up of long beaches with fine sand and sugar cane fields, Cabarete will dazzle your island senses along with the ocean breezes are a refreshing coolness on hot  Caribbean days.

Cabarete, which is situated on the Cabarete Bay, is 25 km east of the Puerto Plata International Airport. Cabarete has been called the “Windsurf capital” because of the excellent winds. A coral reef is located just outside the bay where it is not at all uncommon to find waves 3 to 4 meters high. However, windsurfing should not be the only reason to plan a vacation at Cabarete. The 3 km long beach is perfect for long walks, where one can discover perfect lagoons. Cabarete has managed to preserve its pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, in spite of the fact that tourims has become the largest interest for the village. Here, vacationers mix easily with the locals and one will not find a large hotel complex to disrupt the tranquility of the setting.

Cabarete Webcam


This webcam is from the Hotel Kaoba in Cabarete Bay.

Enjoy the veiw!




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