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Have you ever seen a sunset that made you week in the knees? Have you ever seen a sunset that made you cry? If you put your eye balls in the right setting, i.e. on the coast of some where beautiful facing west, move the clouds into the perfect position and send the sun packing for the night…..then you just might be searching for a chair and a box of tissues.


Submit your best island/beach sunset photo on our Facebook page and you could win a Castaway Wristband and a little something else. Please give the location and what was going through your mind as you snapped the magical shot. I will accept island and beaches of the mainland. The winning photo will also be featured on the website and the fan page for all to see. I will take all photos submitted Friday and Saturday. I’ll pick the top 3 (if I can) and then you guys will vote for the winner here on the website and on the fan page.

I am in the above photo, can you guess which guy I am?  Can you guess where the photo was taken?

Beaches and islands captured as the sun falls not only make some of the best supermodels but they bring out inspired creativity from the photographer. I am super pumped to see what you guys submit!


Here is one I took off of Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico. The dolphin was rather cooperative don’t you think?

Good luck Castaways and thanks for sharing!


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