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Right time, right place. Looking back at some of your fondest memories, can you recall a memory when you shared a special moment with a hero? I know heroes come in all shapes, sizes and professions. I’m talking about musical heroes here.

I was combing through the overwhelming video library that is YouTube, searching for random Caribbean clips. All the sudden, I found myself staring starry eyed at the screen watching a larger than life personality entertain a small intimate group of people in a bar. I saw magic. Right time, right place.

Jimmy Buffett is known for popping into bars and restaurants to play a couple tunes for the lucky guests. That’s exactly what happened to some lucky people on St. Barts. One thing that makes him great is the way he pulls you into his songs. He is a master storyteller and knows how to seduce his audience. Watch these videos as Buffett plays an impromptu gig at the BAZ Bar on St. Barts. Right time, right place.

Buffett Sings “No Woman No Cry” in St. Barts

Buffett Sings “One Particular Harbor” in St. Barts

Pretty amazing memories for those lucky few. Do you see how he draws his audience in? Those people are going to go back to their lives and jobs feeling like a million bucks. They are going to have stories to tell for a lifetime. They are going to have memories so thick they’ll have to wipe them away from their faces.

One thing I’d like to do before growing old and gray is to see one of my heroes in a small intimate setting like this. Electricity flying through the air, child like giddiness on everyone’s face and a shared magical moment with friends, strangers and one hero. That’s what I want. That’s what I wish for. I hope for that right time, right place moment.


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