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Hemingway’s Whiskey (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD) This title will be released on September 28, 2010

Kenny Chesney’s new album “Hemingway’s Whiskey” isn’t out until Sept. 28, but the Country chart-topper gave Billboard an in-depth preview, discussing the record’s 11 songs track by track

1. “Boys Of Fall”

(Casey Beathard/Dave Turnbull)

Kenny Chesney: “Boys Of Fall” is a perfect description of how I grew up and where I grew up. That song meant so much to me and I thought, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of kids out there and a lot of people that have that feeling in their lives.’ There’s a line in the song that says, “In little towns like mine, that’s all we got.” And that’s the way it was in East Tennessee, and still is. I’ve got a lot of guys from East Tennessee out on the road

[with me] that grew up the same way, and I played them that song when [writer] Casey Beathard gave me the CD of just him on a guitar playing it. I made everybody come on the bus and said “listen to this.” I knew we had something that was very common. A lot of people that listen to my music and that are passionate about what we do out on the road… I’ve been pretty perceptive over the years, and I think that we kind of grew up the same way. I see myself a lot in my fans, and I think vice versa. I hope so anyway.”

2. “Live A Little (Love A Lot)”

(Shane Minor/David Lee Murphy)

Chesney: “That song is what I try to live by. When I heard ‘Live A Little (Love A Lot),’ that’s pretty much the definitive sound we create out on the road. If there’s a predictable song on the record, for me, this might be it. And I don’t think that’s a negative, either. I think this song is going to be awesome in concert. I think it defines me — anybody out there that gives to anything — a lot. I work really hard, I give everything to this, I’ve given my life to this. But so does the guy that’s a CEO for some company. I’m addicted to ‘Deadliest Catch.’ Those guys, they don’t have a life; that’s what they do. They can relate to that, ‘I’ve got to get off this boat and live a little.’ That’s why I think that song matters.”

3. “Coastal”

(Michael Mobley/Wendell Mobley/Neil Thrasher)

Chesney: “When I was a kid we were very lower-middle class. We weren’t poor, but we didn’t have a lot of extra money to go places. So when we went on vacation, we packed the car up and we drove to Myrtle Beach. Or we drove to Daytona. Or we went to the Redneck Riviera: Panama City, Gulf Shores or Destin. And I still love that. That song is for everybody that grew up like I did. It’s a beach song, but it’s a Redneck Kenny song. These people work for a living. Like he says in the song, ‘No more building transmissions, he’s going deep sea fishin’.’ I love that line. That’s my family, that’s my friends. That’s my cousins. That’s my audience.”

4. “You And Tequila” (featuring Grace Potter)

(Matraca Berg/Deana Carter)

Chesney: “This song makes me believe in music even more. I’d never met Grace Potter until she came into the studio. She grew up in the woods in Vermont. I grew up in the woods in East Tennessee. We come from completely worlds, different backgrounds, probably religious beliefs, we haven’t talked about it. I don’t know what her political beliefs are, I don’t know nothing about any of that. I know she’s a great person and I know that she is a hell of a singer. I heard her voice and I knew I would love to sing with her one day. I didn’t know it would be on this, or this soon.

“At the end of 2007, I rented a house North of Malibu, Calif., for about two months. I was exhausted, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I didn’t want to listen to music, I just wanted to be still for a minute. Every day I would drive close in to Santa Monica, meet some friends, eat dinner, and I’d drive back up the PCH with the windows down. That time of year is really chilly, I’d watch the sun set. It’s beautiful, I loved it. I would turn on the radio every now and then and I would hear these songs. I heard an Eagles song, I don’t even remember what the song was. But I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I think I like music again.’

“When I heard ‘You and Tequila,’ it put me in that spot. That’s when I thought of Grace, because I listened to her music a lot on the boat, a lot on the bus, her live record especially. She has a song called ‘Apology’ that still kills me. I got in touch with her and sent her the song, I had already recorded it. She called back the next day and said “I want to make this happen.” When she came in and we put our voices together, wow. I love the song, Matraca and Deana wrote it, but, boy, it’s relatable, so universal. To have Grace on it, that will be with me forever.”

To read the rest of the interview about Chesney’s new CD Hemingway’s Whiskey click here.

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