Marina Cay in the BVI has a job opening. I was already packing my bags when I read that you have to talent. Sadly I am not qualified. If you can sing, dance and play some musical instruments then this may be a dream come true.  Below is some information on how and where to apply. Good luck!

Best Job In The World

For over 10 years, Michael Beans has delighted audiences on Pusser’s Marina Cay in The British Virgin Islands.

His incredible mix of enaaarrgy, talent and imagination have kept hoardes of BVI adventurers entertained – but now, The legendary Michael Beans has moved on to greenaaarr pastures (AAARRRrrr!).

With this information, Marina Cay is looking to hire one amazingly talented entertainaaarr, for what could be the dream job of a lifetime for the right individual.

The gig consists of entertaining a live audience on the beautiful Pusser’s Marina Cay 4 – 5 nights a week and comes complete with transportation to the islands, accommodations, a generous salary and various other perks.

Below is a video of the Legendary Pirate Entertainaarr, Michael Beans. Do you have what it takes? Do you know someone who does?

To apply for the “Dream Job of a Lifetime”, qualified entertainaars are encouraged to send their videos, bios and performance history to

For more information on Marina Cay, visit:

The Pusser’s Website.