Bushwacker, the new single from Da Tree Men – a BVI based band that knows how to put you in the “no worries” state of mind. This is the first song released by the group Da Tree Men – They are in the process of recording a full length CD. I can’t wait till they get it done.

Adam, a member of Da Tree Men, emailed me this song to see what I thought. His exact words were, “It’s called bushwacker and it’s about a girl in the BVI getting wasted and laid.” As I laughed out loud, I thought, “hey my type of gal!” Great advertising Adam!

Here is the song. Give it a listen and let me know what you thought. Does it put you in vacation mode? Does it make you want crack open that bottle of rum?

Bushwacker by Da Tree Men

If you want to download the Bushwacker click here: Bushwacker Download

Hope you enjoy this taste of Salt Life Sound castaways. Have a great week.