Monday is my birthday. Big deal. I’m not a fan of this getting older thing. I think I’m in need of a liquid shot in the arm. Jager Bombs!

My friends and I usually head south to Key West to celebrate birthday weekend. My buddy 007, was born two days before me, so our crew likes to put the two together and do some limin’ in the Conch Republic. This year we are bucking tradition and heading north to Siesta Key to meet up with some other friends. The bombs will be falling I’m sure.

Jager Bombs aren’t really a boat drink I agree, but its my birthday and I thought I share the party with you. Cheers!

Jager Bomb Drink Recipe

1/2 can Red Bull® energy drink
1 – 2 oz Jagermeister®

Pour red bull into a medium sized glass. Add a shot glass of jagermeister. Raise glass for a toast and chug.

The caffeine-alcohol combination creates a unique “buzz” or at the very least, a counteract to the depressant of alcohol – making you more aware, more energetic, and dare I say the life of the party.

Do you have any Jager Bomb stories? I guessing some of you do. Leave a comment and tell us about it! If any of you are going to be on Siesta Key this Saturday let me know!