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Bahamians know their beer. Kalik and SANDS are the beers of the Bahamas. Whether you are cruising around the islands in a boat or sitting on a white sand beach, you’re going to crave an ice cold beverage to cool you down. Which of these beers are you going to choose?

Last week I was in the Bahamas and took an unofficial beer poll from the locals and did a little taste testing myself. Here’s what I found.


Kalik BeerKalik is the best selling beer in the Bahamas. It got it’s name, “Kalik” by the sound made by cowbells, a key instrument used by the bands in the Bahamas annual Junkanoo Festival. Interesting. The staff at Commonwealth Brewery Limited views brewing Kalik as a matter of national pride. They also produce Heineken, Guinness and Vitamalt. Currently there are three variations of Kalik beer: regular Kalik with 5% alcohol, Kalik Light (4%), and extra-strength Kalik Gold (7%).

Sounds like a heavy hitter in this Bahamian Beer challenge doesn’t it? Let’s check out the new comer, the underdog…SANDS.


SANDS beer launched on December 15th, 2007, and was brewed to quench the Bahamian thirst, creating a specific definitive flair that the owner thought was missing in the beer market. The combined knowledge of both the German brewing experts, local Bahamian Brewery team and owners has helped this newly launched beer become the hit of the islands.  SANDS was due to be distributed in Grand Bahama only, but by early January 2008 – it was a national brand!

Which is Better?

When I polled the locals on which beer they preferred the answers where complicated. But once narrowed down I would  say 6 out of 10 Bahamians said they preferred SANDS. Remember this was an unofficial poll and I’m guessing if I did it again the answers would be different. Why were the answers complicated?

The two beers are completely different. In my opinion, Kalik has more flavor and is a heavier beer. SANDS on the other hand is smoother, less flavor and is a lighter less filling beer. That’s why it’s hard to pick a winner. Each beer is perfect for different situations and different beer drinkers. I was going back and forth the whole time with SANDS and Kalik and had a hard time choosing which was better. But if you were going to twist my arm and make me choose, I would have to say SANDS. That’s only because I’m a light beer drinker though.

Have you tried both of these beers? If so please let us know what you think. Are you a Bahamian? Please let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

Kalik or SANDS, either way you can’t really go wrong. I’ll say it again, Bahamians know their beer.


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