Bonaire is the perfect place for a vacation, but it’s not one of your usual Caribbean vacation spots. Without the typical party bars, it is a truly laid-back island paradise. Time to slow down.

Bonaire is world famous for it’s under water world, the fringing reefs around the island are a protected marine park with clear water. The visibility is over 100 feet (Bonaire Under water Webcam). This story however is about it’s relaxing beaches. Time to get sandy!

Bonaire’s beaches offer multicolored stretches of white, pink and black sand. The sand is usually full of coral and rather hard on the feet, and the beaches on the leeward coast are narrow. However, several hotelfront beaches have been helped with extra sand. Almost all the beaches are uncrowded, offering some of the island’s most picture perfect scenery and the ideal setting to relax, scuba dive, snorkel or sunbathe without distraction.

You can choose simply to sleep under a shady umbrella, or try your hand at windsurfing, kitesurfing or some snorkeling. Bonaire’s beaches will not disappoint.

Bonaire Beach Webcam

Bonaire WebCams - The Bonaire North BeachCam

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Above is a current image taken from the North Beach Cam on Bonaire, which is located on the second floor of the Brisa del Mar restaurant at Eden Beach Resort, giving a view of the beach and pier south of the restaurant and if you look closely, you can see the tip of Klein Bonaire at the right end of the horizon. For more Caribbean Hotel Information check out Caribbean Resort Pro.

Stare at this Bonaire Beach Cam for awhile. Close your eyes. Insert self.



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