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Chat ‘N’ Chill, a beachside bar and grill that was started by its colorful owner Kenneth “KB” Bowe, to meet the needs of cruising yachtsmen. It also meets the needs of this salty castaway.

My idea of heaven is pulling up to a white sand beach on a boat, lazily walk shoeless into a rustic beach shack that serves up rum drinks and some simple food. Then take my boat drink to a secluded spot under a coconut palm and just lime. That’s my heaven and that’s Chat N Chill. Life slows down when you’re in the islands, and it damn near stops when you’re at an authentic Caribbean beach bar like this.

Our Day At Chat ‘N’ Chill Beach Bar

After walking around the wonderland that is the Elizabeth Harbor sandbar, Capt. Steve of Off Island Adventures deposited us on the shores of Stocking Island, home of Chat N Chill beach bar. Stocking Island is just across the harbor from Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas.

We were immediately distracted by a large black shape cruising through the shallows. As we literally ran up to it, we found a friendly stingray that was looking for some love. Okay, he was probably looking for scraps of conch from the nearby conch salad stand, but he seemed to enjoy our company as much as we enjoyed his.  Here is a short video of Stan the stingray. I thought he needed a name for the story.

After hanging with Stan we stumbled up the stairs of Chat N Chill and are greeted by the fun loving, charismatic owner, KB.  I quickly ordered a Goombay Smash and everyone else tried a blue concoction called Blue Lightning I believe. I might have the name wrong. KB “Chats” us up as he made the drinks and made sure we were having a grand time. “It’s hard to have a bad time with a rum drink in your hand on a tropical island”, I thought to myself. I didn’t want to say it out loud though, and risk the cliche I’m sure he has heard a billion times before. I sip my adult beverage and smile.

We all ordered KB’s famous Conch Burger, except for Kristin, she ordered a chicken sandwich because she was getting conched out.  Yes, we ate conch just about everyday. It’s just something you do when you’re in the Bahamas, plus it’s good stuff. I see a future conch story coming so be ready!

As we waited for our food, we dragged a few colorful beach chairs to the waters edge and took in the beauty that is the Exuma Islands. I went for a little swim in the azure Bahamian water as my fellow travelers chuckled at my sun burnt body. Damn sunscreen must have been broken.

We then downed our lunch and a few more drinks and sadly it was time to catch the ferry back over to Great Exuma. I could have spent the entire day at Chat N Chill and would have worn a smile the entire time.

KB Chat N Chill owner

KB - Owner/Operator of Chat N Chill

Before we left I grabbed KB’s attention and bought a visor and a couple t-shirts. I got the chance to briefly talk to KB one on one, and he told me the abbreviated story of Chat N Chill.  He said it doesn’t matter who you are when you’re at Chat N Chill.  He gets celebrities, rich yacht owners, locals and fishermen… everyone is the same when they step foot on this little plot of sand that he calls home. Well said KB, you’ve created a very special place.

As for this castaway, all I wanted to do was have few drinks, enjoy the scenery and do a little Chattin’ N Chillin’ for as long as time would allow. This time “Island Time” moved way to fast.

I can’t wait to go back.



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