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Yesterday I saw a tweet from Cruz Bay Realty saying Kenny Chesney just listed his St. John house for sale. I quickly clicked the link and sure enough, there was the house that has been the back drop for numerous No Shoes Radio photos.

Here is the link if you would like to see the listing: Kenny Chesney’s St. John Home

Yeah, but how does this house relate and superman’s cape? I’m getting there, you’ll see.

When I first saw the listing it was weird, I felt really uncomfortable the entire time I was reading and a wave of sadness rushed over me. Why was I feeling these emotions?

Sure, I’m a big Chesney fan like many of your are. He has come to represent a lifestyle we long for and puts that world into songs that we can’t get enough of. I mean who wouldn’t want to to say, “heck with this day job stuff, let’s move to the Caribbean and sit on a boat all day drinking Corona and rum.” It’s escapism and Chesney has captured this island feeling, bottled it up and put it on ice for the rest of us.

What is the one thing that keeps this image of him as an “Island Cowboy” rooted for us?  The house. Knowing that this world he sings of is real and is an actual part of him, not just a marketing ploy is why we buy in. The fact that he lives the songs he sings is what we love. It’s real.

What if superman were to cut off his cape? Would he be able to fly? Would he still be the man of steel? Probably, but something wouldn’t be quite right. He would just be another superhero wearing tights stopping the bad guys. The cape make superman who he is. It defines him. That house makes Kenny Cheseny a true Island Cowboy. Him selling it is like superman cutting off his cape to me. It defines him.

Now in saying all of this, I’ve heard people say he has 2 or 3 homes on St. John. Maybe this house was getting to much exposure and fans were starting to turn up in the bushes. Who knows.  Maybe he’s going to buy a small island like Great Thatch Cay that sits just off of St. John. That would give him some privacy and solitude that we hear him talk about. The fact is we don’t know why he is selling. I’m sure he has his reasons and will still call the islands home in some sort of fashion.  You can’t just turn them off like that, once you’ve been to the Virgin Islands they’re in your blood.

If anyone has anything they’d like to add please do so in the comments below. If Kenny happens to read this story I invite him to comment as well. Hey, I had to try right?



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