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For someone looking for something different in a Caribbean island, Saba may well be the place for you. Saba is a small island that has just became a municipality of the Netherlands after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on October 10th, 2010. At only five square miles it makes Saba the smallest of the Netherlands’ Caribbean islands.

Saba is home to a now inactive volcano, known as Mount Scenery. The island’s flora and fauna have helped it to develop into a center for eco-tourism. Many tourists visit Saba to climb the mountain, hike and scuba dive. The quality of the coral formations in Saba is said to make it the best island in the area for diving and the island has the benefit of hyperbaric facilities in the event of a diving emergency.

Mt. Scenery Views

Great Views from Saba

Saba is an extremely pretty island, with plenty of greenery, and Dutch style villages, shops and inns. The views from the top of Mount Scenery, for all those who are able to reach the peak are tremendous on a clear day, with the islands of St Martin/St Maarten, St Bart’s, St Eustatius and St Kitts and Nevis all being visible.

There are several mooring points scattered around the island, making Saba a great place to call into if you are sailing this area of the Caribbean. Saba has only one road on the island, quaintly known as The Road. The Capital of the island is The Bottom.

The official languages of the island are Dutch and English, although English is the more commonly used. Whilst the official currency is the Netherlands Antilles Gilder, the United States Dollar is accepted in most establishments.


Saba's Airport

Saba’s Extremely Short Runway

Travelling to Saba is possible by boat, by air from St Maarten into its small airport or, the most straightforward way, by ferry ride from St Maarten which houses Princess Juliana International Airport, an international hub, which takes regular flights from the United States and Canada and Europe.

If you want a typical beach holiday in the Caribbean with lots of white sandy beaches and beach activities, the Saba is probably not for you. If alternatively, you want to savour the astonishingly lush scenery and the breathtaking coral formations of the Caribbean, Saba is as good a place as many and far better than most!

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