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Bottle of whiskey, massive flashlight, acoustic guitar and a pint of Guinness…put these together and you get JMH. Jared Michael Hobgood has been entertaining the people of Irish Kevin’s and Key West for over 12 years now.

When my friends and I make the short trek to Key West we usually post up at the famous Irish Kevin’s Bar located right on Duval St. What draws us to this bar out of the dozen or so other world famous bars in the Conch Republic?  It’s the entertainment. And when we think of Irish Kevin’s entertainment we think JMH. In this anything goes bar, JMH stands out as must see. His story telling, lively music and crude jokes put the bar into a frenzy and the 4 or 5 hours he’s on stage fly by in minutes.

What’s the flashlight for? If you have any redeeming, standout-ish quality about yourself, it will be called out. If you have big breasts, bald head (like me), super tall, super short, homeless looking, overly drunk or not drunk enough, JMH will stop mid song and point you out to the masses while busting your chops. It’s all in good fun and everyone has a blast with it. I was known as Powder for an entire weekend last year. I guess I’ll need a better tan next time I hang out in Irish Kevin’s when JMH has the stage.

JMH also is known for his Irish toast. The entire bar will raise their glasses as he chants an Irish tale of drinking. JMH usually chugs his entire glass of Guinness. Impressive yes. Check out these video and you’ll be planning your next trip to Key West soon. I know I’m starting.

Here is some Bio information on JMH.

During summer break he went on vacation to Key West “for a couple days.” While relaxing one day on Duval street, he stopped at an Irish bar that had opened that week. The owner of Irish Kevin’s asked him to sing a couple songs. That was over 9 years ago. JMH fell in love with Key West and made it his home.

Since moving to Key West, JMH has lived/traveled/performed through 6 of the 7 continents on planet Earth, including, but not limited to, cities in England, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Canada, Mauritania, South Africa, Swazi, Zimbabwe, Zambia & the islands of : Cuba, the Bahamas, Cozumel, St. Maarten, Grand Cayman, Kuauii, Hawaii, Oahu, Ambergris Caye and St. Thomas. These days he can be found in bars and airports from Paris to Panama, Havana to Hawaii, and Costa Rica to Cape Town. With a guitar on his back and a smile on his face, JMH looks forward to the next adventure that calls.

“How lucky am I? I actually look forward to going to work. Besides porn stars, not a whole lot of people can say that. So, many thanks to all of you for coming out to my shows, listening to my music, and for keeping me on vacation. Be easy.”

JMH was born in Evansville, IN. He started playing in bars in the LAND O LAKES area at the age of 16. He grew up listening to Jimmy Buffet songs while living on his parents boat and decided he wanted to keep his summer job for the rest of his life.

In Key West, he has been voted “Best Irish Entertainer of the Year” and was runner up for “Entertainer of the Year.” With Key West as his home base, he has continued to play far and wide. With a guitar on his back and a plane ticket in his hand, Jared looks forward to the next island or adventure that calls.

Have you seen a JMH show in Key West? Do you have a story to tell? Let’s hear it!

You can check out his website and order his CDs at Here is the Irish Kevin’s site and info,



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