Today I head north. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be gray. Chance of snow…highly likely. This warm blooded Florida boy isn’t all to thrilled with this trip to Kansas, but it will be good to spend some time with the family this holiday season.

I love the fact that I’m from Kansas. It really has a lot to offer. It just doesn’t have year round warm temperatures, white sand beaches and that great big ocean. I am looking forward to a big Chipotle burrito (No, the Ft. Myers area doesn’t have one yet) and I get to see my beloved Jayhawks whip up on some poor team in the Sprint Center. So the cold weather sacrifice will be worth it.

I know a lot of you Castaways live where the cold weather puts a damper on your tropical souls. What do you do to get yourself through the winter months? What do you do when it’s twenty degrees and the hockey games on and nobody cares cause they are way too far gone? Do you start screamin’ boat drinks, something to keep us all warm?! Don’t go shootin’ holes in freezers folks, just pour yourself a stiff boat drink!

Jimmy Buffett Boat Drinks

Cheers to migrating south,


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  1. Sue December 9, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Hi Ryan, enjoy Kansas!
    This is what I do all winter long in DC. I’m a Miami girl… I have my coping mechanisms!

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