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Da Conch Shack sits right on the beach in beautiful Provo, Turks and Caicos. In true island spirit, it’s famous for two things: fresh local seafood and a wide selection of rum. As the name suggests, conch is the house specialty but the in-season grouper, snapper and lobster are not to be missed. No trip to Turks and Caicos is complete without a journey to Da Conch Shack!


Though you can get conch anywhere in the TCI, the ideal spot is this pair of weathered hut structures sitting on white sand. Da Conch Shack, with white picnic tables on Blue Hills beach (just west of Grace Bay Beach) is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. If this place was any more laid back it wouldn’t have a pulse. Time slows down when limin’ at a Caribbean Beach Bar and Da Conch Shack is no different.

Before ordering, stroll to the beach to watch as giant buckets of fresh conch are emptied, each conch is cracked open and its rubbery insides tossed onto a wooden table. Then sit down at a picnic table just a few steps from the water, take off your shoes, dip your feet into the sand and decide how you want your conch. Curried? Sautéed? Diced up and served ceviche-style? Definitely don’t skip the conch fritters, which are golden brown, moist and chewy. You can also order them in conch chowder, or as fried strips known as cracked conk.

Da Conch Shack Food

Try some Cracked Conch and Conch Salad

Don’t care for conch? Try the curry chicken, the lobster (in season), shrimp, or local grouper. Take off your shoes, press your face to the sun, sip the suds off a Turk’s Head lager, and join in the laid-back merriment.

Rum Bar

Inside the Rum Bar at Da Conch Shack

Thirsty? Try the ConchKnocker. With a blend of rums and a mix of secret ingredients, the ConchKnocker pleases the body and mind. Just be careful that you’re not left stranded on the beach after too many. Wait…would that be a bad thing?

Da Conch Shack Conchs

Da Conch Shack farms the conches in the surrounding ocean and each day a supply is held underwater, just off shore, and brought to the beach as required.  The kitchen staff give ongoing demonstrations of conch opening to the diners who gather round a large table on the beach to watch the well practised procedure.

Da Conch Shack

Relax to the Island life at Da Conch Shack

If you listen closely I think you can hear Da Conch Shack calling your name. I know I can hear it calling mine, especially with these cool Florida temperatures right now.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Da Conch Shack. I would love to hear about your experience! What did you eat? What did you drink? We will live vicariously through your story!



Da Conch Shack
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
+1 649 946 8877

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