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Santana’s Beach Bar doesn’t look like much from the outside. How does the saying go…don’t judge a book by its cover? Turn to page one and this little Bahamian beach bar will have you singing its praises long after you’ve left.

Located on Little Exuma in Williams Town, Santana’s serves up some of the best food in the Exumas if not all the Bahamas. Turn the page again and follow the Queens Highway east from Great Exuma and pass the salt beacon and you’ll find Santana’s Beach Bar. I’m still dreaming about the lobster tails I ate there.

Santanas Beach Bar

One Happy Guy

On our last full day in the Exuma Islands we where lucky enough to have lunch at Santana’s Beach Bar. We kept hearing about the food at Santana’s. “Oh you have to go to Santana’s”, “You have to have the lobster and grouper at Santana’s!”  It seems like everyone was raving about it. Was it just hype for the tourists or was it the real deal? I was going to find out.

The menu at Santana’s is simple; Lobster, conch, shrimp, grouper, snapper, steaks, chicken and ribs. Let me tell you though, you must have the lobster. Keep reading and you’ll know why.

While in the Bahamas I ate a lot of lobster, everyone does there. All you have to do is jump in the water, spear a few and dinner is served. Finally it was time to eat. I sat down on a wooden bar stool and anxiously dug into my much hyped lobster lunch.

This is no joke, I literally felt this wave of pleasure rush through my body. Each bite made me groan in way no man should while he’s eating. Save it for the bedroom RumShop! I couldn’t help it though,  I was blown away by the taste and quickly attacked the rest of the two tail meal.

Best Lobster in the Bahamas

Dee is the owner and chef at Santana’s and if I could hug her right now I would. She and her family graciously served our crew of pirates some of the best food of the entire trip and they were great people to talk to. Dee told us the stories of how we weren’t the only pirates she has entertained. Johnny Depp and fellow Pirates of the Caribbean cast mates have partied it up at this little unassuming beach bar and Dee has the photo album to prove it which she proudly showed us.

Santanas Beach Bar Bahamas

Thank You Dee!

The day we journeyed to Santana’s the wind was blowing and the rain was falling. Huge waves were crashing on the rocks just behind the little beach shack and for whatever reason I thought the weather was perfect. It set a mood of calm relaxation where you could kick back and really get to know Dee and her family. A little wind and rain isn’t going to stop this Castaway from having a good time in the Bahamas.

Little Exuma Beach

Rain or Shine, It’s Better in the Bahamas

If you find yourself in the Exuma Islands be sure to give Santana’s Beach Bar a try. It is a special place that will make you glad you didn’t judge this book by it’s cover. Read those pages and you will find an wonderful story.

William’s Town, Exuma, Bahamas ~ Telephone (242)345 4102 ~ E-mail: [email protected]



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