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I. Love. Three. Sheets. Three Sheets is a drinking show that traverses the globe in search of local alcohol-related customs. Best idea for a TV show ever right! I’ve posted a few other Caribbean Three Sheets episodes about St. Martin/St. Maarten, Barbados and Puerto Rico. Check them out, but you must follow the rules.

I’ll get to the Three Sheets rules in a little bit, but first, let’s go to Belize! In this episode you’ll watch Zane, the mentally unstable yet funny as hell host, bounce around Belize. He will try this stuff called Viper Rum, that is not for the squeamish. Would you try it? Sure why not right, when in Rome. He consumes mass amounts of Belikin beer as he hits bars like Mangos and Wet Willys in the island city of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Zane also become oddly obsessed with his quest to find the mysterious Cashew Wine.  Enjoy the show!

Three Sheets – Belize

Now for the drinking rules.

The show also doubles as a drinking game, introduced in the Costa Rica episode. The rules are as follows:

  1. When Zane drinks, you drink.
  2. The first person to spot a monkey (including real monkeys or Pleepleus the monkey), makes someone else drink. (Pleepleus shirts don’t count.)
  3. When Zane mentions his friend, Steve McKenna, everyone drinks.
  4. When Zane or anyone burps, the last person to give the “Good Burp” sign (thumb on your forehead, pinky in the air) drinks.
  5. If someone in the show “Jim-The-Cops” (spills their beverage while drinking) it’s a social. However, if YOU Jim-The-Cop, you have to buy someone a drink. If you’re watching at home, or a friend’s house, it’s your turn to make a run to the fridge. If you Jim-The-Cop while in a chugging contest, you get three seconds added to your time.
  6. If you ever spot Zane holding a drink improperly, you can make someone drink.
  7. Whenever you see a puppy, you drink. Zane creates this rule in the Moscow episode.
  8. Make sure you make someone drink when something’s blurred out in the show, like Coke products. This rule, by Zane, was found on the Zane Lamprey message center (shopping list for the Cape Town episode).
  9. Whenever you drink, drink with a smile. (Just like the lemon in Lithuania.)

So those are the rules. Have fun and let me know what episodes you like the best.


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