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And so the day started out like any other…ah, no it didn’t, we’re in the freaking Bahamas! The day finally arrived for fans of Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio to come together and soak up a little sun and party to some good music. The like minded gathered poolside at the Sheraton Beach Resort located on Cable Beach in Nassau, and started to prepare for the day ahead. Preparing consisted of putting on the sunscreen, finding a spot to call your own and start to get chummy with the bartenders.

I ordered a couple beers from the bar, price tag, $14. Yeah that’s for two beers. A little pricey, but this Castaway came prepared. Enter my friend Ole Nassau Rum. We became well acquainted throughout the day.


The live broadcast started with Tambo and Jon Anthony getting the crowd excited and hopefully everyone else out there in radio land as well. Let me know if you listened to the live broadcast.

Here is a photo of the broadcast table. Who is that girl with the funny hat? Crazy what a little good music and Sands beer can do.

No Shoes Radio Bahamas Beach Bash

NSR Blasting Out The Chesney and Island Music

During the Brasher & Bogue performance, apparently a conga line was started with your truly leading the way. I had forgotten about this until the evidence was posted on the No Shoes Radio Facebook fan page. I’m usually a pretty reserved guy for the most part, so leading a conga line seems a bit strange for me. I think it was a combination of the Old Spice Swagger body wash I used that day and the 80/20 Rum and Cokes I was sucking back that gave me the confidence, though I’m not sure which. The lady behind me is Suzanne, great lady, we shared a slow dance earlier and now I think she is checking out my back side. Must have been the Old Spice Swagger.

NSR Beach Bash Bahamas

Follow Me, I'll Show You The Way

Next it was time for Tambo to start rockin’ the stage. He put on a great show and really got the party rolling. I think these photos speak for them selves.

No shoes Radio Beach Bash

Scott and Kelly having a Great Time.

No Shoes Radio Beach Bash

No Shoes Radio Beach Bash Pool Party

No Shoes Radio Beach Bash

No Shoes Radio Beach Bash

Here are some RumShopRyan readers and fellow Castaways. Ladies, please forgive me, but I forgot your names. Clearly the Swagger body wash has worn off and the rum has taken over. Please leave a comment below and say, “Hey that was me!”


RSR Castaways

RSR Castaways

RSR Castaways

The pool party was a blast, and yes the sun wasn’t out, but that didn’t matter to the people who were there. We all had a great time and made a ton of new friends. I apparently had too good of a time. The cab ride back to our hotel, the British Colonial Hilton, is a bit fuzzy. I was suppose to go out with my Bahamian buddy Fabian who writes The Sandy Slipper blog, but I was out of commission and had to stay at the hotel. I guess that means I had a good time right?

If you want to see more photos for the NSR Beach Bash click here to see what they have posted on their Facebook page. I will have the rest of my photos up today for you to see. If you have any photos from the party, please post them on the RumShopRyan facebook page. I would love to see more photos of Castwasys! Love you guys!

The next day was be filled with swimming with the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island for me, while the NSR fans took a booze cruise. I don’t think I would have survived that and made it to the Mishka concert later in the night. I know some people who didn’t, but I won’t say any names (Jon Anthony). I guess it’s true what they say, it really is better in the Bahamas.



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