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I get a lot of emails. Some from people wanting to sell me something, some from people wanting me to write about them or their product and some just wanting to say hi (I love those). Earlier this week I got an email that stood out. It was from a 16 year old kid named Nick. Nick is stuck in the cold north and dreams of living a life in the palm trees, who doesn’t though right. Nick’s favorite singer is Kenny Chesney and wants to be just like him. A lot of us would like to do that as well. But there was just something about the email that made it different. I think it was the laser focus and ambition Nick has to make his dream come true that inspired me. I don’t’ have kids, but that’s something rare in a 16 year old I’m guessing. Plus Nick is a big RumShop fan so how could I not like him! Hey Nick, just stay away from those Boat Drinks and Coronas for a few more years okay.

I asked Nick permission to post his email so I could share it with you Castaways. Let me know what you think and if it moves you the way it did me.

I just wanted to send you a quick email on your website, and lifestyle. My name is Nick and i am 16 years old and believe it or not, i have already planned out my whole life centered around living in paradise. Every day I sit in my room in cold, boring Maryland, searching for homes and islands out there that i would only dream to live in when i grow up. Thinking about laying on the beach everyday sitting in the sand having no troubles at all. After finding your website, I found that me and you are very much alike! Kenny Chesney is my favorite singer, and my room is basically everything related to him. I have a giant painting of a beach and Kenny’s famous words “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems”, up on my wall. I have palm trees and aqua blue everything to make me feel like where i really wanna be. Kenny’s song “Island Boy” I think is basically my life’s story just waiting to happen. I dream about moving to St John in the Virgin Islands, waking up and looking down over my island, and into the vast blue ocean. Now that i found your website I know now that I am not the only one that dreams big, and plans on it. Nobody may believe me. But you are my witness, it will happen. Maybe you wont care about what I am saying to you, but I feel good talking about it; reassuring myself that it is going to be my reality. Thank you so much for starting this website, and i am very glad i found it. Always live a stress-free life. Always.

“Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be…”
-Nick O.
Tell me what you think. Something tells me he will make those dreams come true one way or another. Thanks for the email buddy.


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caribbean discounts