Ah, Lovers Key. Just the name of this little island evokes images of romantic walks on the beach, heart shaped hot tubs and little naked cupids flying around. That’s all well and good, but the the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Lovers Key is Rum Buckets. Flippers Waterfront Restaurant and Beach Bar located in Bonita Springs Florida knows how to keep Castaways coming back for more.

Part of the Lovers Key Resort, Flippers is a covered, outdoors-only deck overlooking the waters of Big Carlos Pass on one side and the resort’s tropical-style pool on the other. Accessible both by car and by boat, throughout the years it has become a favorite hangout for locals that want to enjoy a frozen drink (or Rum Bucket) and some good Florida food in a very chillax, away-from-it-all atmosphere.


When our buddy takes us out on his boat, the Gypsy Soul,  it’s a good bet that Flippers will be on the itinerary. Hangin’ out on the white sand beaches of Ft. Myers Beach and Lovers Key tends to make one hunger (and thirsty).  Flippers is just about the only option for boaters in the area, so we tend to go often. We are greeted by familiar smiles each time. Though I think that’s because they know we’ve come for the buckets.

A large selection of appetizers makes Flippers an ideal spot for an afternoon snack.  Flipper wings and deep-fried calamari are good, but the coconut-battered Key West shrimp is a Florida classic out-of-towners always fall in love with. The tuna ceviche is a better choice for those who are trying to stay away from fried and heavy foods.

Flippers Rum Bucket

Flippers Fans

I usually rotate my food choices at Flippers. It’s always a toss up between the juicy cheeseburger, the Lovers Key Wrap or the grouper sandwich. The one all important item I never waiver on is my drink choice. “Yes, I’ll have the Rum Bucket please!” Known as the Lovers Key Bucket-O-Fun, it will leave you smiling (crooked smile) and wanting another one (not recommended). I like it because my friends tend to laugh more at my stupid jokes.  The bald guy is funny, another round for everyone!

Rum Bucket for RumShop

Lovers Key Resort

Here is a video of Kara, our bartender this past Saturday, brewing up the lethal Rum Bucket. Thanks Kara!

Looks pretty damn good doesn’t it? It tastes even better.  Take a few sips of this signature drink, look out over the water glistening below you and watch for playing dolphins. If you do this I promise you’ll escape from the stress of the real world and find yourself in a happy place. I’ve fallen in love with Flippers for what it is: a great little spot on Lovers Key where boaters, tourists and flying naked cupids come together for a relaxing afternoon of eating, drinking and soaking up some sun.

If you’ve been to Flippers I’d love to know what you thought.

Lovers Key Resort
8771 Estero Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931
(239) 765-1040



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