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True, summer is still a ways off and many of you still might even have that cold white stuff on the ground. I guarantee you that if you listen to this song, you’ll feel the warm summer rays touching your skin and the only white stuff you’ll be thinking about is a sand covered beach in Jamaica.

“96 Degrees” is one of my favorite reggae songs. I first heard it anchored out in front of the Lani Kai hotel on Ft. Myers Beach with a cold Corona in hand. My head was bobbing with the waves and this great reggae beat. I’m no reggae expert, I just know what I like and what I don’t, and “96 Degrees” by Third World is what I like.  A perfect Salt Life Sound.

96 Degrees by Third World

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96 Degrees In the Shade - 96 Degrees In the Shade

Third World started when keyboard player Michael “Ibo” Cooper and guitarist (and cellist) Stephen “Cat” Coore, who had originally played in The Alley Cats then Inner Circle, subsequently left to form their own band. The original drummer, Cornel Marshall, arrived via one of Jamaica’s most renowned groups of the 1960s, Tomorrow’s Children. The line-up for their first album as Third World also included a singer named “Prilly” and percussionist Irving “Carrot” Jarrett. The album included a cover of “Satta Massagana”, originally performed by The Abyssinians, which became a local hit.

Their second album, 96 Degrees In the Shade (1977), had several local hits and featured the band’s classic lineup. “Prilly” was replaced by the distinctive vocalist “Bunny Rugs” Clarke and an all-new rhythm section: Ritchie Daley on bass and former Inner Circle drummer Willie Stewart. Notable among its eight tracks were “1865 (96° in the Shade)”, “Rhythm of Life” and the album’s only cover, “Dreamland“, as originally recorded by Bunny Wailer. (Info from Wikipedia)

96 Degrees Lyrics

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

Said it was 96 degrees in the shade
Ten thousand soldiers on parade
Taking i and i to meet a big fat boy
Sent from overseas
The queen employ
Excellency before you i come
With my representation
You know where i’m coming from

You caught me on the loose
Fighting to be free
Now you show me a noose
On the cotton tree
Entertainment for you
Martyrdom for me

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

Some may suffer and some may burn
But i know that one day my people will learn
As sure as the sun shines, way up in the sky
Today i stand here a victim the truth is i’ll never die

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

Third World

Third World is more than just one of the top Reggae bands of all time, it is an institution. An institution that stands for producing and performing music that, while holding firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of it’s members, still pushes forward the cutting edge of music worldwide. It is an institution whose themes are positive, progressive and internationally relevant. Formed in 1973, Third World is committed to the excellence of reggae music by combining Jamaican Reggae and Folk music with all strains of African Rhythms, American Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Rap and Classical music. After over three decades, Third World is one of the longest running and most diverse bands Jamaica has ever produced. (Info from Third World Website)

Let me know what you think of this tune Castaways. I hope it warms up your day a little bit.


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