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Hey Castaways, I need your help. Time to mobilize the Castaway Army and show your strength!

Last month I entered a contest that the Marriott Caribbean and Mexican Resort group was having, it was to be a “Beach Blogger” for a week at one of their properties. Sounds like something that would be right up my alley right? I guess they thought so too, they picked me to be a finalist. Woohoo!

Now it’s up to me to get votes. Here are the rules.

Voting will be from March 10 to March 24 and you can vote every 24 Hours. The applicant with the most votes will get to blog for a week from the Marriott and Renaissance Caribbean & Mexico resort of their choice.

Vote Here: Marriott Beach Blogger

Here is the actual link to my profile if you want to share if on Facebook or tweet it.

It looks like I have some pretty good competition, but I know how awesome the Castaways are. You guys are a force and I love you for that.

If you’re another blogger and would like to write a post asking your readers to vote for RumShop, I would be blown away. At the end, win or lose, I’ll write a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped, giving you recognition and linking to your site. I’d really appreciate any shares or tweets, anything you guys can do would be amazing. Plus, I’ll buy you a ice cold Corona or rum drink if we bump into each other sometime!

Again, thank you very much guys. I’ll be putting a reminder in my daily posts to vote. Remember, you can vote once every 24 hours. Show the power of the Castaway Army and I’ll give you stories and photos of the adventure. Heck, I might even let you guys pick which Marriott Resort I go to. Now that sounds like a fun idea!

Thanks Castaways!


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